Wavy TV 10 wasn’t there, but ‘citizen journalist’ Rhoda Young was. On Facebook Live, Young filmed herself broadcasting from a local Virginia fire with some very entertaining commentary.

“We on the scene of this b#tch. Wavy TV 10 isn’t here, but Rhnda Young is!,” she proclaims during the video. “The house fire is in full active duty right now,” Young says as she films herself in front of the house fire. “532 is on fire, let’s get the house sprayed down with some water,” she seems to instruct the firefighters while live-streaming.

Young then comes across the homeowner, who is sitting on a nearby lawn, drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. “Is that your house?! Oh, God bless you!” she reports.

“So he was right there when the fire started, and he got a six pack of godd$%n PBR,” Young proclaims.

She then blurts out a series of expletives as the house continues to burn before calling for the street to be shut down.

She probably accurately deduces that the drunk homeowner started the fire. Which is backed up by the fact that the homeowner is later placed into handcuffs.

The hilarious reporting continues in this gem of a video that we can only hope is studied by local news channels to improve the entertainment value of their reporting.

Even the Weather Channel has can’t compete with Rhoda Young’s live reporting.