5 caught, charged for looting homes of California wildfire evacuees

Five less-than-honorable individuals were arrested after they reportedly stole from vehicles of residents who fled their homes in the midst of the California wildfires. Lisette Topete, Juan Carrillo, Maryann Zuniga, David Rosales and Jasmine Zavala were all arrested after a December 5 crime spree- when the individuals in question took advantage of the chaos. According [...]

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Oakland firefighter surprises Inmate fire crew with book drive for their hard work

This year, over 4,300 California inmates have helped with the wildfires that have ravaged the state, fighting alongside paid firefighters who treat them the same as any other man who places himself between safety and imminent danger. For guys like CalFire member Patrick Shaw, he shares this sentiment and wants to do whatever he can [...]

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Don’t mess with my tee time! Incredible photos show golfers playing amidst wildfire

Photos showing Washington golfers finishing up a round while a hillside behind them burns aren't faked, according to the owners of a golf course where the pictures were taken and a golfer who was is pictured on the putting green. "They were coming down the last fairway" on Monday evening around 7 p.m. when the [...]

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Firefighters treated for Poison Oak during wildfire

Firefighters fighting wildfires in the state of California are facing a brutal and sneaky enemy- Poison Oak. Hundreds of firefighters battling flames in the recent Santa Barbara County fires have found themselves falling victim to Poison Oak, which can cause pain, itching, blisters and swelling. "I'm one of the many that gets Poison Oak. I [...]

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Tent cities providing refuge to thousands of Hotshot firefighters

Working behind the scenes is a group of people whose sole purpose is to support frontline Hotshot firefighters in their battle against raging wildfires. From hot meals and cots to showers and electricity, the people supporting these firefighters are a logistical whirlwind. News 1130 reports there are an estimated 4,000 firefighting personnel in British Columbia, [...]

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Reinforcements arrive to help with destructive Montana fires

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Crews and equipment from 34 states arrived Monday to help fight four massive wildfires that have destroyed a dozen homes in eastern Montana and forced ranchers to let their livestock loose as the blazes spread unhindered across roads, rivers and man-made fire lines. The reinforcements come from states from Alaska to Florida. They were particularly needed Monday, [...]

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Wildfire threatens power lines to Yosemite National Park

Fire officials ordered the evacuation of a Northern California town as a wildfire continued to burn out of control -- growing to more than 25,000 acres. Eight structures have been destroyed and thousands more are threatened in Mariposa County's Detweiler Fire, which was only five percent contained on Wednesday. A state of emergency in the county was declared, and [...]

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U.S. Forest Service officials ground largest firefighting aircraft over contract

As fires race through forests in the West, threatening property and lives, the world's mightiest firefighting air tanker sits idle on a runway at Peterson Air Force Base near Colorado Springs. Like Nero watching Rome burn, federal officials fiddle with a contract and won't let the aircraft fly. The plane offers taxpayers the lowest per-gallon delivery of retardant for any [...]

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Past firefighting efforts have made B.C. forests more fire-prone

VANCOUVER — British Columbia has been so successful at putting out wildfires in recent decades that it has actually created a situation where its forests are more prone to flames, says an expert. Lori Daniels, an associate professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia, said firefighting efforts over the last 60 to 100 years have allowed [...]

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2,000 firefighters battle wildfires in Canada

Firefighters in the air and on land prepared Sunday for another grueling battle with wildfires that have ravaged the westernmost Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.). As of early Sunday morning, 289 wildfires raged in the interior regions of the province, according to the B.C. wildfire service’s website, with 7,000 residents evacuated. The fires began in earnest [...]

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