City manager refuses salary increases for fire chief, deputy chief

WATERTOWN -- Fire Chief Dale C. Herman and Deputy Chief Russell J. Randall were the only members of the city's management team not to receive 2 percent salary increases in the newly adopted budget. The two top fire departments officials have been criticized for not taking the city's side in a nearly three-year contract dispute with the firefighters' union. City [...]

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Raw Video: Sewage pipe explodes from under pavement

A sewage pipe exploded on Monday in Kiev, Ukraine causing the street to open up and send sewage into air.  In the video posted on YouTube, you can see the pavement shift and open as one person is walking in the background.  Not the best spot to be in at the moment.  No injuries were [...]

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Video: First responders rescue their own driver and patient from accident

First responders from the East Bank Consolidated Fire Department rescued two people from an ambulance after it entered a canal in Metairie, Louisiana Monday. Responders rescued East Jefferson General Hospital ambulance’s driver and a patient being transported out of the vehicle, Joe Greco, director of the fire department tells The Times-Picayune. The accident occurred about 9:10 a.m. when [...]

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Tanker-truck driver killed in crash that sprayed out ‘an ocean of fire’

May 23--ATWATER -- A Merced woman described the fiery blast that claimed the life of a tanker-truck driver as "an ocean of fire that crashed in waves down the road." "I've never seen fire move like that," said Jeanine Jaroszek, who was buying coffee at Starbucks on Bell Lane around 10:02 a.m. with her twin teenage daughters. "I looked up and there was this fire like a wall and then [...]

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Raw Video: Gas station roof collapses trapping firefighter underneath

Two firefighters were injured Saturday when a gas station canopy collapsed on them while continuing to burn. A video, shot by veteran photographer Jason Asselin, captured the exact moment when one of the firefighters became trapped under the burning infrastructure in Iron Mountain, Michigan. In the video published by KTTS News, Asselin is heard shouting, [...]

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Video: Terrified passenger records ambulance swerving across highway centerline

Cell phone video recently shared with media shows a swerving ambulance narrowly missing oncoming cars while traveling a Southern Illinois highway. According to KMOV News, a passenger shot the video from a trailing car that was heading north on Route 45 on Tuesday. In the video, the Clay County ambulance is seen going over the [...]

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Video: Firefighter shares details after truck goes airborne during tornado with him inside

A Baton Rouge firefighter, tossed into the air by a tornado, is sharing the frightening details of his near-death experience. WAFB News reports Dustin Spiess showed up at the tow yard Monday to collect belongings from his damaged truck. The truck is nothing more than a twisted mess … the windows are blown out. He [...]

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Toddler doesn’t need Mickey Mouse to make him happy, a fire truck will do just fine

In a social media centric world where riots and scandal fill newsfeeds, a toddler on YouTube shows it doesn’t have to “bleed to lead” to go viral. The 48 second video, which has been seen more than 900,000 times since its posting May 3, shows the toddler’s excitement when he notices a fire truck parked [...]

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Video: Firefighters caught in huge factory explosion, 30 injured in blast

Footage has emerged of the moment an explosion hits firefighters tackling a burning industrial waste factory in Spain. The CCTV images show those trying to fight the blaze arriving at the scene just moments before the blast. People are then seen running from the building as firefighters stumble around in confusion moments after flames engulf [...]

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Video: Man dances on ambulance with patient inside

A Las Vegas man reportedly chased paramedics into an ambulance before dancing on top of their vehicle- and it’s all on tape. The man reportedly was high on illicit substances at the time of the incident, swaying about in a trance-like dance as he kept paramedics from transporting an individual to the hospital. A local [...]

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