A cheap, life-saving drug is on its way to statewide use for EMTs

Aug. 13--NEW BEDFORD -- It was early in 2016 when tranexamic acid, referred to as TXA, was first administered in the SouthCoast. A New Bedford paramedic responded to a bar fight in the city that spiraled out of control. The male victim suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest. Dr. Matthew Bivens, an emergency room [...]

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Firefighters Nab PETA Award for Saving Man, Dog From Flood

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals issued the following news release: A Compassionate Fire Department Award is on its way from PETA to the Florence Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team, which came to the aid of David Rooks and his dog, Petey, who were trapped in their SUV after rushing water suddenly flooded a creek off Phantom Canyon [...]

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Chief seeks help after overdose triggers $75,000 hazmat incident

July 30--LAWRENCE -- The discovery of three men who overdosed on illicit drugs in a Garden Street home earlier this month triggered an intense response from firefighters specially trained in handling hazardous-material incidents. Backed by local police, firefighters and paramedics, the investigation exceeded six hours and carried an estimated price tag of $75,000. Testing revealed [...]

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Firefighters cut head off boa constrictor wrapped around woman’s neck

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — Authorities say firefighters have rescued an Ohio woman after a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and began biting her face. The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reports the unnamed 45-year-old Sheffield Lake woman called 911 Thursday afternoon asking for help. The boa constrictor was one of two snakes she'd rescued the day before. Firefighters found the woman lying in [...]

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Video: Old dog’s lucky day — rescued from Biscayne Bay by fireman

July 28--Junior spent Thursday night lounging on a pillow, too tired to move. The nearly 12-yer-old Chinese Shar Pei and Rottweiler mix, who has arthritis and bad vision, had a long day after getting lost, stumbling into Biscayne Bay, getting rescued by a firefighter and then reunited with his owner. "He is just completely exhausted," said his owner Jose [...]

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Naked man throwing objects from Hollywood high-rise crane shuts down traffic

Why Travis Bernard climbed up a Hollywood high-rise construction crane around 3 a.m. Sunday isn't known. Nor is it known why Bernard later tossed objects from flyweight (paper clips) to heavyweight (100-pound weights) down 300 feet. What's known is Bernard's bizarre climb-and-throw definitely shut down part of Hollywood's Young Circle for more than 10 hours Sunday before Bernard descended. The 27-year-old's episode ended around 1:40 [...]

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Man falls 12 feet down abandoned well

A 37-year-old man was injured when he fell down an abandoned well in Cohasset early Wednesday morning. The man fell about 10 to 12 feet down the hole, which was in a side yard near a staircase, at 25 Ripley Road around 12:20 a.m. He is a resident of the home. The man's teenage daughter found him inside the hole and [...]

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Heart attack strikes veteran firefighter, three rookies spring into action

Three rookies are proving to be a valuable addition to the Warren, Ohio, fire department after saving the life of a veteran firefighter. WFMJ News reports rookies Brock Trimmer, Sebastian Zlotkavski and Ronnie Simone tapped into their paramedic training when the 40-year-old veteran wasn’t feeling well and collapsed in the station’s locker room. Two of [...]

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Portland Fire rescues 2 workers left hanging on side of skyscraper

Workers at Umpqua Bank Plaza were left hanging Saturday morning. On scaffolding. On the side of the 19-story downtown Portland building at 1 SW Columbia Street. The motor on the scaffolding had malfunctioned, leaving the two workers unable to get the rig to move. Portland Fire & Rescue crews arrived on the scene shortly after 9 a.m., set up a rope-and-pulley system [...]

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Drug epidemic now endangering first responders

Police officers and firefighters already have a dangerous job. When heading out to emergencies, they're suited up with either bullet vests or fire resistant clothing and helmets to protect themselves. But a new problem is endangering the lives of first responders. They now, at times, must wear gloves and masks and sometimes even fully protective [...]

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