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Video: Firefighters rescue 82-year-old from condominium fire

Brockton firefighters responded Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. to Madrid Square Condominiums off of Oak Street to find a top floor unit in Building 20 fully engulfed in flames. Under severe fire conditions, responders rescued the condo’s sole occupant over ladders from the balcony. The victim, an 82-year-old man, suffered major burn injuries and was transported [...]

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  • Police officers watch a woman perched on the edge of a platform atop a construction crane in downtown Los Angeles. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Woman climbs 150-foot construction crane, gets free cup of Joe

Firefighters and Police in California worked together Tuesday to rescue a distraught woman who climbed a 150-foot construction crane in Los Angeles. Her stunt prompted firefighters and police to respond to a report of a possible jumper. The 26-year-old Hispanic woman, who is possibly homeless, entered the construction area about 4 p.m. and was spotted by [...]

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Driver crashes vehicle atop parked boat after medical event

March 26--A car went airborne in a Cedar Mill neighborhood on Sunday morning, crashing atop a boat parked in a driveway. Firefighters were dispatched around 8:30 a.m. to the 13000 block of Northwest Westlawn Terrace, where Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue firefighters found the car teetering on the nose of the boat. Firefighters used jacks and wood blocks to stabilize [...]

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  • Firefighters make rescue operation at a ski resort following an avalanche in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture, Monday,  March 27, 2017. Several high school students are feared dead after being caught in an avalanche Monday during a mountain climbing outing at a ski resort. (Kyodo News via AP)

Eight students dead after avalanche at Japanese ski resort

Rescuers recovered the bodies of eight high school students after an avalanche struck a Japanese ski resort on Monday, emergency officials said. Another 40 people were injured, the local fire department reported, in the avalanche at the Nasuonsen Family Ski Resort, in Nasu, 93 miles north of Tokyo. They were part of a group of 60 students from seven high schools [...]

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Move over: State police, county firefighters share stories of close calls

March 25--Trooper 1st Class David Miller checked his sideview mirror as he prepared to step onto the shoulder of eastbound U.S. 340 to back up Trooper Brad Zimmerman with a traffic stop Thursday afternoon. "Is this guy seriously not going to move over?" Miller said, his hands moving back toward the steering wheel as his [...]

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Video: Firefighter gives mouth-to-snout for 20 minutes to save dog

March 23--Just in time for National Puppy Day, here's a story about one lucky dog. Santa Monica firefighters responding to a fast-growing blaze at 4:10 p.m. Tuesday at an apartment found the dog, Nalu, unresponsive after it was "overcome by heat and smoke," according to a Santa Monica Fire Department new release. Firefighters removed Nalu from the structure and [...]

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Technological advances in Texas helping locate firefighters in distress

An innovative startup company in Texas is working to develop and distribute wearable, tracking technology for first responders — technology that does not require GPS. Chris Kehl, along with a group of mostly firefighters, says the company ResponderX is at a point where it’s nearly ready to start testing its TaskForceTracker equipment in real-life scenarios, [...]

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  • Mater University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. Image credit: Facebook

Man suffering ‘penile strangulation’ turns to Dublin Fire Brigade for help

DUBLIN, Ireland - In a strange and rare incident, Dublin firefighters were called on to rid a man of the most extreme pain imaginable - ironically from an object that is meant for pleasure. According to reports, a man went to the Mater University Hospital in Dublin, complaining of pain and swelling - hours after [...]

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Baby pulled from Illinois lake as mother drowns and father shot

A father found dead in a burning house in Illinois was shot in the head and a gun has been recovered from the SUV his ex-wife drove into a nearby lake. The couple's three-month old baby was pulled from the sinking car after paramedic Todd Zobrist swam out into the chilly water to save him. [...]

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Paramedic sons save firefighter father’s life during heart attack

A Pennsylvania volunteer firefighter is alive today thanks to his quick thinking and his sons’ training. Reserve Township volunteer firefighter Dave Moore Sr. was working to set up a meeting at the station Tuesday when he realized something didn’t feel right. Knowing how time is a critical factor in care, and recognizing the symptoms, Moore [...]

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