Lieutenant killed in hit-and-run crash was headed to fire that left a 2-year-old dead, two others injured

March 12--HARRISBURG -- The smell of smoke and charred wood still hung thick in the air on a frigid Sunday morning. And on the 2500 block of Lexington Street in Harrisburg stood the gutted remains of a row home. Complete destruction inside. Debris all around. It's the scene of a fire that killed one little girl on Friday and left [...]

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Hero Captain “Iron Bill” dies due to complications after HFD deadliest fire

A retired Houston Fire Captain who became a paraplegic while battling a deadly 2013 blaze -one that killed four of his co-workers- succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. Captain “Iron Bill" Dowling died at the age of 43, the final casualty of an incident that left four dead, 13 injured and exposed massive pitfalls in [...]

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Firefighter dies after falling from billboard while trying to defuse porn from showing

A firefighter is dead after falling to his death while trying to turn off a billboard in Mexico City, Mexico. Fireman Alvaro Jimenez Gonzalez died after climbing up onto the huge screen to try and stop it from showing a clip from a pornographic film. According to a story published by Metro UK, Gonzalez was [...]

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Volunteer firefighter, beloved News Anchor dies during training

A Michigan news anchor and volunteer firefighter died while training over the weekend. 63-year-old Fox 2 News anchor and Milford Firefighter Ron Savage collapsed while training, according to MFD Chief Thomas Moore. "Ron was a dedicated member of the Milford Fire Department since 2014 and this loss will truly be felt," Milford Fire Chief Thomas Moore said [...]

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Volunteer firefighter killed in tanker truck rollover while responding to call

Feb. 23--The driver of a tanker truck for the Leach Fire Department was pronounced dead at the scene of a Wednesday morning traffic accident that occurred while he was responding to a fire call. Dead is Michael Dale Russell, 68, of Rose, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Micah Gibe. He said the crash happened about 3-1/4-mile south of Leach on [...]

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Driver of fire engine that killed firefighter in rollover in route to blaze, won’t be charged

Feb. 15--Criminal charges will not be filed against the driver of a firefighting vehicle that overturned in a September crash and killed Ventura County fire engineer Ryan Osler, Santa Barbara County prosecutors said Tuesday. Osler, an 18-year veteran of the Ventura County Fire Department, and a fellow county firefighter were on their way to help fight a wildfire near Vandenberg Air Force [...]

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Pilot killed in crash battling wildfires

As firefighters continue to battle wildfires in Christchurch today, a community is mourning the loss of one of its own who just yesterday was among those fighting the flames. Emergency services were called to an area near the Port Hills just after 2pm after reports a helicopter had crashed. Those first on the scene knew the victim personally. He had been [...]

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Firefighter responding to call died from a medical complication, never missed a call

An Illinois firefighter is reported to have died Wednesday after a medical complication forced him to drive his pickup truck into three parked cars. Champaign County Sheriff's Lieutenant Brian Mennenga reports that 46-year-old Homer resident John Mike Cummins was taken to the hospital following an accident 45 minutes after midnight in the small Illinois town. Cummins [...]

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Firefighter who died of Lymphoma is being considered for LODD

A Washington firefighter who died of of lymphoma is being considered for a “line of duty” death classification. 47-year-old James Hendryx of the Bremerton Fire Department died on Tuesday from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, his union reported. The illness is presumed to have been caused by his profession as a firefighter, namely inhaling toxic fumes and smoke. [...]

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Old garment high-rise fire in Iran collapses killing over 30 firefighters

TEHRAN (FNA)- A fast-moving blaze ripped through an old garment building in Tehran early Thursday, leveling down to the ground the more than half-a-century-old building in an unprecedented incident in the Iranian capital. The fire started at around 8 am local time (0430 GMT) at the building, Plasco, which is home to hundreds of clothes and garment manufacturers and businesses, [...]

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