Firefighters rescue boy from inside a toy claw machine

A Florida boy enticed by the stuffed animals inside of a claw-style vending machine soon found himself trapped inside of the stuffed toy zoo after crawling through an impossibly small hole. Getting a head start on his “Florida man” title, young Titusville resident Mason became rather upset after discovering the tiny prize collection slot he [...]

February 8th, 2018|Humor|0 Comments

Canadian paramedics are using drones to assist in rescuing patients

Canadians are now getting medical assistance from drones, providing lifesaving supplies in cases when rescuers can’t get there fast enough. Renfrew County will be the first paramedic service to use the drones, which can carry everything from narcotics antidotes to defibrillators and flotation devices. "We know that there are a lot of factors that might [...]

January 18th, 2018|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments

Paramedic sounds off on ridiculous 911 calls in hilarious video (graphic language)

In this Facebook video, paramedic Evan Strauss goes on an epic rant explaining one of the reasons why you shouldn't call 911 asking for an ambulance. Not are some non-emergency 911 calls a waste of time for first responders, but, as Strauss talks about in the video, they can take resources away from much more [...]

January 8th, 2018|Humor|0 Comments

Firefighter turns heads in a hilarious t-rex costume

Steve Moore typically wears a different kind of uniform when he shows up for work at the Fairfield Hose Company Volunteer Fire Department in Harborcreek Township. On New Year's Day, though, the volunteer firefighter showed up on his ATV to plow out the on East Lake Road station's parking lot wearing a T-Rex costume. He [...]

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Alabama firefighters working New Years create their own ‘ball drop’

The B-Shift crew for the Anniston Fire Department in Alabama got clever over the New Year's holiday, thanks to the "willing" participation of one of their rookies. Christopher Wilkerson got wrapped in Christmas lights and played the part of the New Year's ball dropping, complete with music and a countdown by the rest of the [...]

January 2nd, 2018|Fire News, Humor, Videos|0 Comments

Firefighter reenacts flag pole scene from “A Christmas Story”

After Kentucky experienced abnormally cold weather, firefighters from the Jeffersontown Fire Department bet a fellow firefighter a free lunch he wouldn't re-enact the flag pole scene from the 1983 film, "A Christmas Story." It did not take long for firefighter Kevin Culver to realize that his tongue would stick to the flag pole [...]

January 2nd, 2018|Humor|0 Comments

Oregon firefighter dressed as Santa (kind of) saves deer from frozen pond while on sleigh (sort of)

Ho, Ho Holy cow, that’s a red guy in a sled with a deer! Such was the case in Oregon recently, when a red-suited rescuer on a sled saved a deer who fell through the ice on a golf course pond. After the poor deer fell into the frozen pond, firefighter Jeff Johnson -known as [...]

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Citizen journalist gives hilarious live broadcast from scene of fire in Virginia

Wavy TV 10 wasn't there, but 'citizen journalist' Rhoda Young was. On Facebook Live, Young filmed herself broadcasting from a local Virginia fire with some very entertaining commentary. "We on the scene of this b#tch. Wavy TV 10 isn't here, but Rhnda Young is!," she proclaims during the video. "The house fire is in full [...]

December 9th, 2017|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments

Firefighters in Mexico fall from truck after attempted stunt

Firefighters may be heroes, but they are rarely acrobats. Such was the curious case in Mexico, where nine daredevil hotshots narrowly escaped serious injury while performing a “human pyramid” maneuver atop a fire truck. The incident took place during Revolution Day in the city of Puerto Vallarta, where the apparatus was moving at slow speed [...]

November 22nd, 2017|Humor|0 Comments

Firefighters spend three hours removing weight from man’s genitals

Firefighters in Germany (known as Feuerwehrmann, of course) came to a shattering conclusion last week- some men will stick their member in just about anything. Fire crews in the town of Worms responded to a medical call of a man who did just that, spending a whopping three hours to remove the man’s penis from [...]

September 19th, 2017|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments
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