Citizen journalist gives hilarious live broadcast from scene of fire in Virginia

Wavy TV 10 wasn't there, but 'citizen journalist' Rhoda Young was. On Facebook Live, Young filmed herself broadcasting from a local Virginia fire with some very entertaining commentary. "We on the scene of this b#tch. Wavy TV 10 isn't here, but Rhnda Young is!," she proclaims during the video. "The house fire is in full [...]

December 9th, 2017|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments

Firefighters in Mexico fall from truck after attempted stunt

Firefighters may be heroes, but they are rarely acrobats. Such was the curious case in Mexico, where nine daredevil hotshots narrowly escaped serious injury while performing a “human pyramid” maneuver atop a fire truck. The incident took place during Revolution Day in the city of Puerto Vallarta, where the apparatus was moving at slow speed [...]

November 22nd, 2017|Humor|0 Comments

Firefighters spend three hours removing weight from man’s genitals

Firefighters in Germany (known as Feuerwehrmann, of course) came to a shattering conclusion last week- some men will stick their member in just about anything. Fire crews in the town of Worms responded to a medical call of a man who did just that, spending a whopping three hours to remove the man’s penis from [...]

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Don’t mess with my tee time! Incredible photos show golfers playing amidst wildfire

Photos showing Washington golfers finishing up a round while a hillside behind them burns aren't faked, according to the owners of a golf course where the pictures were taken and a golfer who was is pictured on the putting green. "They were coming down the last fairway" on Monday evening around 7 p.m. when the [...]

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Woman gets stuck in window after Tinder date goes awry

A man is seeking money for a new bathroom window after his Tinder date got stuck while attempting to clean up an embarrassing accident. Liam Smyth of Cabot Ward, England, launched a GoFundMe page and retold the bizarre story that occurred after his date had trouble flushing his toilet. "I went for a poo in [...]

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Farmer rewards firefighters who saved piglets by serving them up as sausages 6 months later

A litter of piglets is what’s for dinner after a pig farmer in the U.K., decided to show her thanks to the firemen who saved the pigs from a February barn fire. The 18 piglets and two sows may have survived the Wiltshire fire, but they couldn’t survive the butcher’s block. In a controversial move, [...]

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Firefighters called in to remove a puma from office building

Firefighters in the Sao Paulo, Brazil were called on Monday to help remove a puma hiding in an office building. Brazil’s Globo newspaper reported that employees found their new colleague when they arrived for work on the morning of August 14. In one of their posts, the fire department said they believe the puma had [...]

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FDNY firemen show off physical prowess, manhandle parked car blocking roadway

If you park in New York, better make sure your vehicle isn’t in the way of first responders. In a short video posted to Instagram by @jdclosser, firemen from Hancock Street’s Ladder Company 111 move both ends of a Smart Car — leaving the passenger side wheels to rest on the sidewalk.  According to the [...]

July 26th, 2017|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments

Florida boy had non-rude reason to flip off the camera

A Florida fire department said a young boy's seemingly rude gesture was just his way of showing off his lack of injuries after a school desk rescue. The Lakeland Fire Department posted a photo to Facebook showing a young boy posing with firefighters and appearing to flip off the camera -- with a "censored" block over the offending finger -- [...]

July 6th, 2017|Fire News, Humor|0 Comments

Bat invasion forces firefighters out of their station

About 500 to 1,000 bats have taken over a Florida fire station forcing the firefighters to move out, according to the Tampa Bay Times. A Pasco Fire Rescue station was closed Friday after the ever-growing colony of bats caused their work environment to become unsafe and unsanitary, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The station in [...]

June 12th, 2017|Blunders, Fire News, Humor|0 Comments
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