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Former Pennsylvania fire chief struck and killed by tanker while helping driver

A 40-year member of a NW Pennsylvania fire company was killed in a tanker truck accident over the weekend. Police say 60-year-old Don Ishman died when he was accidentally struck by a tanker apparatus at the Cyclone firehall Saturday afternoon. The former Hilltop fire chief was one of several firefighters assisting with a public service [...]

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  • U.S. Forest Service firefighter Sergio Toscano's home was destroyed in the Sand Fire in Santa Clarita.  Credit:  ABC 30

Firefighter loses home in Santa Clarita fire while fighting blaze on Pendleton

July 25--A Los Angeles-area firefighter and marine veteran battling the brush fire that scorched Camp Pendleton lost his own home in the blaze that's raging through Santa Clarita where it continues to threaten residents. Sergio Toscano, who works for the U.S. Forest Service and is a senior member of the Little Tujunga Hotshots crew, was assigned to the Roblar fire which broke [...]

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Firefighter fired, two others suspended in Haverhill fire department

July 26--HAVERHILL -- One city firefighter has been fired and two others have been suspended from their jobs. City officials said the termination of firefighter Scott Graham stemmed from an arrest last fall. Firefighters  Todd Guertin and Daniel Goudreault have been placed on unpaid leave while the city investigates alleged improprieties. A resident of North Andover, Goudreault, 53, was arrested at [...]

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Gang leaders call on members to kill Kansas City cops and firefighters

Serious threats being lodged against Kansas City firefighters and police are quickly spreading on social media. Both the KCK and KCMO Fire Departments received notice of the threats on Thursday. The non-specific threat calls on the Crips and Bloods gangs to "shed some blood". "Attack everything in blue except for the mailman," it says. Experts [...]

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Indy Airport firefighters step in to escort remains of fallen Marine

It's always an emotional image--seeing a soldier, Marine, airman, or sailor on their last journey home after paying the ultimate sacrifice. It's a special kind of sendoff and one that requires certain protocols. So, when a military funeral detail was not available when the remains of a fallen Marine and his escort were leaving Indianapolis [...]

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  • Firefighters at Fort Wayne Fire Department's Station No. 15 say conserving energy has become almost routine now that firefighters at the department's 18 stations are six months into an energy-saving contest. Credit:  Kevin Kilbane of The News-Sentinel

Fort Wayne firefighters’ energy-saving contest paying off

July 22--Switching off lights and TVs when no one is in the room. Hanging up some clothing and fire gear to air dry. Shutting off the air conditioning and opening windows when the weather is nice. "It doesn't take a lot extra," said Firefighter Brian Vanderbosch of Station No. 15 on Northland Boulevard. But it has paid off.  [...]

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Marine veteran firefighter injured by criminal in police chase

A firefighter-in-training, on his way to begin his first day at fire academy, was seriously injured when a burglary suspect hit him head on, while trying to run from police. Police say Corderro Jefferson was trying to elude them, when he got into a head-on collision with Marine Corps veteran and father of two, James [...]

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Austin fire lieutenant suspended for ‘neglect of duty,’ memo says

July 23--The city's fire chief considered firing or demoting an Austin Fire Department lieutenant based on his attitude toward Austin-Travis County EMS medics and dispatchers, according to a memo she wrote to the civil service director. Austin fire Lt. James Crowther was ultimately suspended from duty for 60 days, a time period that ends Sept. 16, the memo says. "I decided to allow him [...]

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  • Steven Gaskin was arrested for pointing a gun at a police officers earlier this week.  Image credit:  Shreveport Police Department

Louisiana firefighter/medic arrested for pointing gun at police

A Louisiana firefighter/paramedic is facing multiple charges stemming from an incident earlier this week, in which he allegedly pointed a gun at police officers. Shreveport police say 38-year-old Steven Gaskin was driving while intoxicated on Wednesday afternoon. According to officials at the Shreveport Police Dept., Gaskin was inside his vehicle when he pointed a gun [...]

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VIDEO: New three-pound fire ball acts as grenade when fighting fires

It's smaller than a soccer ball - only 3 pounds - but packs a powerful punch. When it comes in contact with extreme heat, this special ball automatically detonates. Makers of the "Elide fire ball" say they were inspired to come up with such a product after a devastating fire in 1997 that ripped through [...]

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