Firefighter arrested for hit and run charges while intoxicated

An Oklahoma firefighter was arrested after a drunken hit and run, causing controversy in Bryan County. 35-year-old Christopher Allen of Ardmore Fire reportedly hit a sedan in his truck, causing extensive damage. When told to stay at the scene, he waited for his wife to arrive and got in her truck.When the crash victim tried [...]

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Gas truck slams into building sending massive fire ball through parking lot

Explosions rocked a Mexican community after a supply truck carrying compressed gas slammed into a building, sending the local population scurrying for cover. The truck, which was presumably carrying propane, rolled uncontrollably into the building before exploding into a wall of fire, sending locals running for any sort of protective cover they could find. According [...]

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Firefighter is in critical condition after shooting himself in the groin

A 51-year-old veteran of the Detroit Fire Department shot himself in the groin on his front porch Monday night, placing him in critical condition. Detroit PD Officer Holly Lowe reported that the 29-year veteran and Captain of DFD attempted to holster his sidearm on his front porch, resulting in a negligent discharge. While it is [...]

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Florida firefighter may lose job over biker gang shooting

A Florida firefighter is in hot water after he withheld evidence from law enforcement during a biker gang shooting investigation. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue firefighter Clint Walker, who formerly belonged to the criminal 1% Outlaws biker gang, showed his true colors by not handing over all the details of a shooting that took place in [...]

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Fire Chief rescinds resignation, says he was ‘coerced’

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Chief Jeff Collins has rescinded his resignation after announcing his departure from the department Friday. The resignation came after allegations of sexual harassment in his department. The Palm Beach Post reported in December that Division Chief Chris Hoch was reprimanded for violating policy after a subordinate complained in 2015 that he made [...]

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One dead, 50 others forced to jump into water as casino shuttle boat catches fire off Florida coast

One woman is dead and fourteen others are injured after a casino shuttle boat caught fire off the western coast of Florida. The shuttle was engulfed in flames only 100 yards offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, with the traumatic event taking place around 4PM on Sunday. Authorities watched from the shore as maritime rescue [...]

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Video shows Georgia firefighter catching baby that was dropped out of window of burning building

A Georgia firefighter who caught a baby being dropped from the third floor of a burning building is being hailed as a heroine, in a blaze that displaced over 80 people in DeKalb County. Captain Jackie Peckrul -who is a mother of three- was at the January 3 fire when a desperate family dropped the [...]

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Fire chief, six members of department resign at city council meeting in Florida

Seven Florida firefighters -including the chief- have resigned following a city planning meeting in the town of White Springs. Town Manager Stacy Tebo asked for Chief Kevin Pittman’s resignation, claiming that he had been dishonest about being certified to teach certain classes to volunteer firefighters. “He was dishonest to me about his instructor certification,” Tebo [...]

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Fire house opens its door to firefighters family after blaze burns down home

The New Jersey firefighter and Airman who arrived at a fire at his own house is now living in the fire station with his family, local sources report. Jason Penwell, who recently lost his house and a family pet to a fire, has been given temporary use of the Tabernacle Fire station as a shelter [...]

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1 alarm fire at Trump Towers smokes out New York City skyline

Smoke rose above the NYC skyline as an electrical fire atop Trump Tower sent Manhattan fire crews scrambling to put out the flames. The 64th tallest building in New York City became the focus of the FDNY after a call was placed at around 7:30 Monday morning concerning a one-alarm fire. “FDNYalerts MAN 7-5 721 [...]

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