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Swedish firefighter lashes out at serial car arsonists in poignant open letter

A Swedish firefighter is lashing out at arsonists in an open letter, after months of anguish in the community, which was sparked by serial arsonists who’ve set dozens of cars on fire in the city of Malmo. In the very personal and emotional letter, Kaj Engelke says: “’Fireman’ is a job title for a person [...]

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What If You Can’t Be the Fire Chief

Almost every little boy gets a fireman outfit when they are growing up.  And almost all of those have the Fire Chief emblem on the helmet.  Along with professions like astronaut, baseball player and doctor, a lot of those boys will want to be a fireman.  A few will still want to be fireman when [...]

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Firefighter returns to house fire months after delivering baby there

Firefighters responded to a house fire early Wednesday morning in Smithtown, New York where three family members were trapped inside. Kristen Sidik, her 3-year-old daughter and 4-month old son were sleeping, when Sidik heard the alarm go off. She reportedly went to grab the kids, but said it was too smoky and they could not [...]

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Paramedic has special message for man who tried to shame her in Target parking lot

An Illinois paramedic who was belittled outside Target for taking a coffee break with her partner, decided to call the rude shopper out on social media for his ignorant comments. Peru Volunteer medic Meagan Ryan told CBS Chicago that she and her partner were headed back to their ambulance when a man said to them: [...]

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Video: Command heard over radio traffic from FDNY Battalion Chief is quite simple

It was a very clear command from the Battalion Chief while battling a 2-alarm Box Fire in Brooklyn on Monday.   “Tell them to put the fucking fire out!” can be heard around the 1:19 mark from the video posted to YouTube by user NYRRT. I think that sums it up! © 2016 Bright Mountain Media, [...]

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Re-scoring on lieutenant’s exam leaves FDNY firefighters concerned about results

NYFD firefighters are furious with the personnel agency responsible for developing the department’s Lieutenant exam. According to the New York Post, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services posted a list of 1,166 firefighters who passed the critical test, which provides a serious career bump. However, it wasn’t long before complaints surfaced saying that one multiple [...]

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  • Security cameras outside a fire station where firefighter Gregory Louis, above, was shot and killed were inoperable at the time of the shooting last Thursday.  Image credit: Virgin Islands Daily News

Firefighter murdered: A case of mistaken identity, poor lighting?

A 50-year-old firefighter from the Virgin Islands --described as a soft-spoken, easygoing guy -- was sitting on a bench outside his firehouse when someone shot him in the back of the head, killing him. Now days later, rumors are swirling that this may have been a case of mistaken identity. There isn’t very much information [...]

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Firefighter bitten by 5 foot long rattlesnake while battling fire hikes down canyon for help

CalFire firefighter/EMT Jeff Rizolli was fighting a brush fire in Spring Valley – in San Diego County, California—when he was bitten by a rattlesnake. The five and a half foot snake got a hold of Rizolli’s leg after he stepped back and landed on top of the slithery, venomous reptile. At first he thought a [...]

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New technology allowing firefighters to do their job virtually, without battling real fire

One North Carolina fire dept is getting more tech-savvy in the way it trains to fight fires. New technology, sold by BullEx, is allowing firefighters to virtually do their job, without battling a real fire. The Attack Digital Fire System puts firefighters in an environment where the conditions of an actual fire are being mimicked. [...]

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Poor morale blamed on lack of Arlington’s leadership

Aug. 24--ARLINGTON -- Firefighters complained to the City Council on Tuesday evening about a lack of communication, flagging morale and other problems they blame on Fire Chief Don Crowson and the Arlington Fire Department leadership. The speakers were among about 40 members of the Arlington Professional Fire Fighters Association at the meeting. A similar number turned out for the Aug. 2 council meeting to voice similar [...]

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