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Managing A Big Event

It doesn’t matter if you work in a large city that may host an event like the Super Bowl or a small town with a county fair, you need to prepare for the larger crowds and all the problems that come with those events. There are a lot of things that need to be done [...]

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Water Carnival

If you look for the definition of a water carnival, you most likely won’t find one that says it is a bunch of fireman surrounding a building and pouring water into it for hours.  In the fire service, we sometimes get into a situation where a building is heavily involved in fire, there are no [...]

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Worst People to Work With

“Hey, Ya Got a Minute?”  Those words still make me squirm. I worked with someone who asked me that several times every shift. There really was no reason for those discussions.  It was usually some stupid question because that guy was bored.  When we work together as much as we do in the fire service, [...]

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Things You Learn Your First Day

I have seen a lot of people that come to work on their first day.  I also remember my first day.  There are a lot of things that happen on your first day.  A lot of things you learn about the people you are going to work with, but they learn a lot more about [...]

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Fire Service Technology Overload?

Everywhere you look today, there is new technology popping up.  That really nice state of the art GPS unit you got for your car a couple years back is probably wrapped up inside its power cord and stuffed in the glove box of your car.  When we all bought those GPS units, we were amazed [...]

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Preparing for Extended Incidents

A lot of the calls we respond to are short lived, maybe 30 minutes from start until we are back at the station.  Even a longer call like a structure fire is usually completed in a couple hours.  There are some instances that we are out for a long time, either on one extended call [...]

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Bizarre Firefighter Rescues

Any firefighter out there will tell you we get asked a lot about rescuing cats from a tree.  It doesn’t happen very often but most of us have been involved in getting a cat from a tree.  To those that have not been fortunate enough to try and grab a cat from a tree I [...]

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  • Kansas City FD has some fun with Police Academy elevator call.  Image credit:  Greg Favre via Twitter.

Do Police Officers and Firefighters Work Well Together?

There are a lot of rivalries out there and one we see a lot is the rivalry between police and fire.  Sometimes referred to as the battle of guns and hoses.   If you have ever been around this mixture, you probably have heard the old standard comment by firefighters “I’d rather be issued a pillow [...]

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Trusty Old Salvage Cover

One of the most basic roles of the fire service is salvage.  I really did work with a firefighter who began his fire career working for insurance companies with a crew that went to fire scenes and performed salvage work to minimize the loss that insurance had to pay.  Once firefighters started doing salvage, we [...]

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Is It Time for Your Fire Drone?

Christmas usually means time for the kids to get a lot of presents.  Among those presents this year there is a good chance you have seen a drone or two.  These little aircraft also known as quad-copters seem to showing up everywhere, maybe it’s time your department added a drone on the fire scene. I [...]

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