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Firefighters treated for Poison Oak during wildfire

Firefighters fighting wildfires in the state of California are facing a brutal and sneaky enemy- Poison Oak. Hundreds of firefighters battling flames in the recent Santa Barbara County fires have found themselves falling victim to Poison Oak, which can cause pain, itching, blisters and swelling. "I'm one of the many that gets Poison Oak. I [...]

August 8th, 2017|Fire News, Wildfire News|0 Comments

Tent cities providing refuge to thousands of Hotshot firefighters

Working behind the scenes is a group of people whose sole purpose is to support frontline Hotshot firefighters in their battle against raging wildfires. From hot meals and cots to showers and electricity, the people supporting these firefighters are a logistical whirlwind. News 1130 reports there are an estimated 4,000 firefighting personnel in British Columbia, [...]

August 7th, 2017|Fire News, Wildfire News|0 Comments

Firefighters Nab PETA Award for Saving Man, Dog From Flood

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals issued the following news release: A Compassionate Fire Department Award is on its way from PETA to the Florence Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team, which came to the aid of David Rooks and his dog, Petey, who were trapped in their SUV after rushing water suddenly flooded a creek off Phantom Canyon [...]

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Video: Boaters douse flames proving necessity is truly the mother of invention

Boaters in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, are being hailed as heroes after using the only tool they had at their disposal — their boat’s massive rooster tail — to extinguish a wildfire on the banks of the South Thompson River. According to Sploid News, Tasha Hunt and Koyne Watson were taking their jet boat for [...]

August 4th, 2017|Fire News, Videos|0 Comments

Montana Hotshot firefighter killed as crews work to tame Lolo Peak wildfire

A Montana Hotshot firefighter is dead after a tree-felling accident on the Lolo Peak fire Wednesday. Brent M. Witham of Mentone, California, is the second firefighter to parish in two weeks according to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. According to the Missoulian, Witham, 29, was given CPR at the scene then airlifted to a Missoula [...]

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Alaska firefighter making substantial improvement after serious training accident

The family of an Anchorage firefighter is celebrating signs of progress and recovery in their son after he suffered a spinal cord injury while training in the firehouse June 5. Firefighter Ben Schultz was found on the ground behind Truck 5, a 100-foot aerial ladder apparatus, during a training exercise, according to officials in the [...]

August 3rd, 2017|Fire News|0 Comments

Rookie firefighter struck on scene by fire truck overnight in critical condition

A D.C. probationary firefighter is in critical condition and will need multiple surgeries after being struck by a department vehicle while on the scene of a house fire in the District. Officials tell FOX 5 News Dane Smothers Jr. was struck by a fire department vehicle while working to put out a house fire around [...]

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Firefighter welcome home injured brother 75 days after deadly blaze

Seventy-five days after sustaining serious injuries in a fire that claimed the life of fellow firefighter Scott Deem, a Bexar County firefighter is out of the hospital. San Antonio Firefighter Brad Phipps is home and continuing his recover after fighting for his life following the Ingram Square Shopping Center fire that nearly killed him May [...]

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Firefighters test new unmanned water rescue drone

Aug. 02--Two Duluth firefighters floated in Lake Superior off Canal Park on Tuesday, waiting to be rescued, but it wasn't a human in a boat coming to their aid. A 24-pound unmanned water rescue drone sped through the water toward the firefighters, its movements directed by a firefighter on shore using a remote control. When it reached the firefighters in the [...]

August 2nd, 2017|Fire News|0 Comments

New Hampshire boy named Honorary Firefighter after saving baby sister’s life

There’s a new, Honorary Firefighter in Dummer, New Hampshire — an 8-year-old big brother. John Holt told his 8-year-old son, Harrison, to call 911 July 23 after realizing the family home was on fire. Harrison kept cool and grabbed his baby sister Marie before running outside to the oak tree where his parents taught him [...]

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