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Posted January 9, 2012 EST

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Ex-Fire Chief Pleads
United States (Kentucky) - A business operator and former fire chief will now do time in jail after pleading guilty to trafficking marijuana. Anthony Tony Slusher, 38, was ordered to report to the Laurel County Detention Center on Friday, Jan. 13 at 6 p.m. to begin serving his 30-day sentence. Slusher entered the guilty plea before Laurel District Judge John Chappell on Wednesday -- sidestepping the jury trial scheduled for that day. Chappell ordered Slusher to forfeit the items seized by the Laurel County Sheriff's Office after his arrest and to serve 30 days of a 365 day sentence. Slusher must also pay $184 in court costs and can have no further violations for two years after he is released from jail.

Slusher served as fire chief for the Bald Rock Volunteer Fire Department and also operated "Just Another Bait Shop" on Ky. 192 near Laurel Lake. But law enforcement officials determined that more than just bait was being sold at Slusher's business and conducted a surveillance of the activities last summer. After an informant purchased marijuana from Slusher, police moved in and placed Slusher under arrest on charges of trafficking marijuana, less than eight ounces.

Slusher denied knowledge of any illegal activity, although Sheriff's officials conducting the investigation found a quantity of marijuana inside Slusher's store.

His arrest prompted a meeting of the Bald Rock Volunteer Fire Department, in which Slusher was removed as chief. He can, however, remain as a volunteer firefighter, since Kentucky law only restricts persons with a felony offense from serving as a public servant. Trafficking marijuana, first offense, is a misdemeanor offense.

Written by The Sentinel Echo

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