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Posted January 24, 2008 EST

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West Virginia Firefighter Dies After Incident
United States (West Virginia) - Firefighter Robert L. McAtee of Huttonsville-Mill Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire station and drove apparatus to the scene of a chimney fire on January 20th. Upon arrival, he reported to the Fire Chief, his son, and told him that he thought that he pulled a muscle opening the apparatus bay door when leaving the station.

Later McAtee was observed holding his chest and when asked, indicated that he thought that perhaps it was the extremely cold weather that was causing him discomfort.

Firefighter McAtee declined to be sent for evaluation or treatment and returned the apparatus to the station. He returned home and was witnessed by his wife again holding his chest, but stated it was either a pulled muscle or from the extreme cold.

At 1629 hours, Fire Chief McAtee was summoned to Firefighter McAtee's residence, finding him unresponsive. CPR was initiated on scene by the Fire Chief and care was continued through transport to the local hospital where Firefighter McAtee succumbed to his injuries.

Written by USFA

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