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Posted January 12, 2008 EST

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Talbotton Firefighters Charged With Arson
Two Talbotton Fire Department firefighters have been arrested on arson charges in connection with fires that burned a business and house in downtown Talbotton. The father of one of the men also was charged with assaulting a peace officer and other charges, including operating a moonshine still on his downtown property.

Jeff Scott Nelson, 30, of East Wynfield Loop, Midland, and Norman Cable, 32, 491 S. Washington St., Talbotton, are members of the fire department, said Sheriff John W. "Bill" Johnson.

Each was charged with two counts of first-degree arson and criminal damage to property in connection with a Nov. 11 fire that burned Cassidy Tax Service, 23 S. Washington St., and the May 23, 2004, fire at a vacant house owned by Donna Daniel at 195 W. Monroe St., according to information released Friday by the state.

Nelson was arrested in Talbotton on Thursday, said Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent in charge Rodney Wall of the Greenville office. Cable was arrested Wednesday on charges that also included obstruction of a law enforcement officer and false statements.

George Cable, 66, 178 W. Monroe St., Talbotton, father of Norman Cable, was arrested after a moonshine still was found on his Talbotton property, authorities said. He was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer; possession of an apparatus used in the unlawful distillation of alcoholic beverages; and possession of unstamped distilled spirits.

Johnson said he was surprised that a moonshine still was being operated in downtown Talbotton not far from the Talbot County Sheriff's Department.

Johnson said the still didn't produce an odor neighbors could smell, noting that "he's from Kentucky" and knew what he was doing.

Wall said Jeff Nelson and Norman Cable are thought to be the only people involved in the arsons, but he said state investigators are still looking into other fires in and around Talbotton.

The three men were being held in Talbot County Jail, but Johnson said George Cable was expected to post a $35,000 bond Friday afternoon. He said bonds have not been set for the other two men.

Written by Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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