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Posted January 23, 2014 EST

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Five Alarm Apartment Fire In Dallas
United States (Texas) - Dallas Fire-Rescue handeld a massive fire in a Lake Highlands neighborhood. The fire, which was upgraded to a five-alarm for manpower reasons, was at an apartment building in the 9400 block of Timberleaf Drive, near Interstate 635. About 100 firefighters worked the fire that started about 6:10 p.m.

The fire was contained to a string of apartments or townhomes that have been mostly vacant for about nine years. One apartment at the end was occupied by a woman and her dog. Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said they were taken out in time but firefighters had to pull back because the fire was growing.

Neighbors across the street from the apartments hosed down their lawns and roofs to put out flying embers blowing because of high gusts of wind. Some were grabbing their pets and leaving.

Victoria Kerr, who lives in the town-homes across the street, said the fence and part of the back yard belonging to the people behind her caught fire from the embers.

She said new owners had just bought the property and were about to start construction.

“It’s a horrifying experience,” said Zante Garcia, who also lived across the street. “When it first started I just started praying and watering my roof and my grass, didn’t even realize the grass had already caught fire.”

Evans said the building was probably a total loss.

One firefighter was taken to an area hospital for minor burns and is expected to be all right.

The blaze was heaviest in the middle of the long building where there was no drywall, allowing the fire to spread quickly.

No cause has been determined yet.

After about four hours, Dallas Fire-Rescue managed to extinguish the fire.

Department spokesman Jason Evans said in an update that there were two occupied units at the apartment building. It’s unclear who the second occupant is, but Evans said no one was reported missing and there are no civilian casualties.

Crews dealt with downed power lines, low visibility and grass fires from the embers, but those were also extinguished.

Written by Claire Cardona

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