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Posted January 7, 2014 EST

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Five Killed In Bartlesville House Fire
United States (Oklahoma) - Three teenagers are among the five people who died in a house fire Saturday in Bartlesville.
Authorities on Monday released the identities of the victims and said preliminary investigation has shown no foul play involved in the deaths.
Capt. Jay Hastings identified the victims as:
Kevin Michael Lomax, 19
Destiny Jo Daughtery, 18
Jeremy Blair, 38
Shelby Renea Sanders, 23
Juvenile male, 17.
All five were found in a burning home in the 300 block of North West Sunset Boulevard Saturday morning about 5 a.m.
Hastings said preliminary reports from the state medical examiners showed all five died of smoke inhalation. The juvenile male, Hastings said, had not been positively identified yet, and investigators hoped to get his dental records to the medical examiner Monday.
No cause for the fire has been established, Hastings said, although the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had offered their assistance in the investigation.
Hastings said there were rumors that the victims had been shot first, or that the doors had been barricaded, but the bodies of the deceased showed no signs of such trauma. Investigators told him Monday morning that when they arrived at the scene, they did not notice doors being boarded up or barricaded.
"Right now, we really don't know if it was accidental or arson or what," Hastings said. "Hopefully we can get that figured out soon."
According to neighbors, a group of close friends had been having a party in the hours before the fire.
Neighbors also reported hearing a fight break out at that residence at 3:30 a.m. Saturday, less than two hours before authorities found it engulfed in flames.
"It (the fight) was loud," said Laken Harrington, who lives next door, on Sunday. "I could hear it from my room."
Dakota Jackson told the Tulsa World on Sunday that he was the only person inside the residence who made it out alive. He woke up to "smoke and screaming," he said, but was calm enough to stay low, to get oxygen.
Jackson finally found a window and punched it out and? then ran for help, before passing out in a ditch, he said.
The victims were extremely close, friends said, and Coty Jones, who said he knew four of the victims, described them as "good kids."
"They were a pretty amazing bunch," Jones said Sunday. "They were good people, they didn't go out looking for trouble or anything like that. They didn't deserve to die like that."

Written by Dylan Goforth

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