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Posted January 2, 2014 EST

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Firefighters Free Girl Trapped In Washing Machine
United States (Utah) - Emergency responders in Utah said they rescued an 11-year-old girl who became stuck in a washing machine during a game of hide-and-seek. South Jordan Battalion Chief Reed Thompson said the girl climbed into the washing machine Tuesday afternoon during a game of hide-and-seek at a South Jordan home and became stuck in the appliance, the Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday.

Thompson said the girl's legs fell asleep while she was hiding and her parents were unable to free her without help from firefighters.

Firefighters removed the stackable dryer from atop the washer, where its position limited how far the door could open, and they were able to pull the girl out.

Thompson said the girl was not injured and did not need to be taken to a hospital.

Written by UPI Quirks in the News

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