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Posted December 19, 2013 EST

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Men, Claiming To Be Firefighters, Attack Couple
United States (Ohio) - Police say two men recently claimed to be firefighters in order to gain access to a home and assault and rob the tenants. Michael Saunders and his girlfriend, Molly Martin, were at home in the 1900 block of Roosevelt Avenue when two men claiming they were with the fire department started knocking on their door, according to a police report.

Saunders said when he cracked the door open, the men "came charging in."

One of the men then pointed a gun at Saunders.

"He's, like, dude I'll shoot you. Don't move. I'm, like, no, if you're going to shoot me, shoot me now," Saunders said.

The two men attacked Saunders and Martin with a hammer, according to Middletown Police.

Saunder was hit in the back of the head with a hammer, according to police. Martin was hit on the forehead and in the forearm, police said.

"You could kill somebody that way," said Lt. Scott Reeve. "That's a serious assault when someone gets struck with a hammer."

While the men were inside their home, Saunders said they were saying, "show us where the money is." The men flipped over Saunders' couch and stole his limited edition Star Wars Xbox and a black leather ottoman.

Saunders told the Journal-News he's fortunate his 3-year-old daughter wasn't home during the robbery.

Since the attack, Saunders' friends have bought him a new Xbox, and Saunders said he purchased a gun to protect himself.

Middletown Police said most robberies are not random acts.

"Very seldom we hear about random acts like this. People are usually targeted for a specific reason," Reeve said. "People who commit burglaries generally knock on the door and if no one's home, they'll break in. So if somebody comes to your door and looks suspicious, call the police department."

Saunders reported his Xbox stolen to Microsoft, and he said the company has deactivated the gaming unit. Saunders said he hopes the men try to sell the Xbox, which could lead police to them.

Both men could face felonious assault and aggravated robbery charges, according to police.

Written by Hamilton Journal News

Courtesy of NewsEdge
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