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Posted December 3, 2013 EST

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Conneaut Police Seize Fire Station Computer
United States (Ohio) - A computer confiscated from a Conneaut fire station will be examined to see if it had been used to view inappropriate content, officials said. Fire Chief Steve Lee said he asked police to remove a computer at Fire Station 3 after learning the device may have been used to look at adults-only sites.

"We asked the police to come over and take some statements," Lee said. "We also want to check the contents."

Police Chief Charles Burlingham said the computer will be examined by technicians with a law enforcement agency that specializes in electronics-related analysis, he said. Because of a backlog of similar requests from other law enforcement agencies in the region, results may not be known for several weeks, he said.

The incident occurred late last month, according to reports. Lee said a firefighter entered the station, located at Middle and East Main roads, and saw another firefighter seated at the computer. The man at the computer quickly shut down the device when the visitor arrived, Lee said.

When the firefighter at the computer left the room, the new arrival checked the computer's use history and discovered sites with suspicious names, Lee said. The exact content of the sites is not known, he emphasized.

"That's what we're hoping to find out," Lee said.

Fire Station 3 is home to the department's on-call firefighters.

Written by Star Beacon

Courtesy of NewsEdge
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