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Posted December 2, 2013 EST

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Fire Officials Remind Residents Of Christmas Decorations Safety
United States - Charlie Corn, a fire inspector III with the Davidson County Fire Marshals Office, and Jon David Everhart, Lexingtons fire marshal, have provided tips on the subject. Their common goal is to ensure a safe holiday season for the county's residents. "Basically, our message is for everybody to have a safe, comfortable and warm holiday season," Corn said.

Corn and Everhart urge residents to keep real Christmas trees watered at all times. They stress for residents not to have trees around heating units or candles. Corn said residents also must make sure their lights on the trees, even for artificial trees, are in good, working order.

"The main thing is good housekeeping practices," the fire inspector said. "Think smart and be safe. Be very careful in what you do. No open flames or candles around Christmas trees and packages. Just think safety."

Corn said residents should try to avoid the small white and brown cords designed for one use when attempting to use them for multiple uses. He added residents should be careful with candles and consider using electric candles that would be safer.

"Make sure the candles are secured, won't fall over and catch something on fire," Everhart said.

Everhart said the City of Lexington has been fortunate as he couldn't think of an incident in which firefighters have responded regarding Christmas decorations of any type. "Typically, this time of the year, if our calls increase, it's because of people heating their home more so than decorations," he said.

Residents should make sure they don't have anything heavy on extension cords that could damage them, Everhart said.

With putting up decorations, residents should ensure they are being careful with ladders, Lexington's fire marshal said. Residents also should make sure someone is holding the ladder for them and handing them things so they are not having to reach.

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