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Posted December 6, 2012 EST

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Garbage Truck Destroyed By Fire
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Garbage Truck Destroyed By Fire

A garbage truck from Allied Waste Service was destroyed today due to a fire. The driver was on his route at 1677 Glenmorrie Dr in Lake Oswego when he noticed flames coming from the truck behind the cab. He quickly set the brake and jumped out before seconds later a tire exploded due to the fire, making the flames engulf the entire cab. When firefighters arrived, they immediately called for additional equipment because there was so much fire. Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire in approximately 20 minutes.

The cause of the fire is most likely a mechanical problem with the truck. The truck is a total loss and estimated to be around $200,000.

Glenmorrie Dr has been closed and Will remain closed for a few more hours as crews are cleaning the truck and debris.

Written and photos by Lake Oswego Fire Dept.