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Posted November 18, 2012 EST

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Firefighters' Building Goes Up In Flames
Glynn County fire investigators are trying to determine what caused one of their own storage buildings to catch fire early Friday at a fire station off U.S. 17. Firefighters at Fire Station No. 6 were awakened just after 1 a.m. to the sound of igniting propane tanks and found a large metal storage building adjacent to the station in flames, according to Fire Chief Al Thomas.

The fire was quickly knocked down, Thomas said, but not before the department's fire safety house, mass casualty trailer and the building itself were severely burned.

Fire investigators worked Friday to determine what caused the fire and assess the damage to the building and its contents.

The fire safety house, a mock house attached to a 35-foot trailer the department used as a fire education tool, was a total loss, Thomas said.

"It was a house that we pulled around to teach kids fire safety. It had a kitchen, a fire place and bedrooms set up as a teaching tool," Thomas said. "It's pretty much completely burned."

The exterior of an enclosed trailer firefighters use when responding to mass casualty situations, like a plane crash or a large fire, was also badly burned. Thomas said investigators will determine if any of the contents, like durable medical supplies, can be salvaged.

"A structural engineer will have to come out and look to see if the building can be repaired," Thomas said.

Some other miscellaneous supplies, like a lawn mower and other tools, were also destroyed in the fire.

An outside view of the building Friday didn't reveal much damage, but the interior walls were completely blackened, and the fire burned a hole through the rear of the building's roof.

Thomas did not immediately have a dollar amount for the damages Friday.

Written by The Brunswick News

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