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Posted April 11, 2012 EST

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Crash Into Windsor Fire Station Under Investigation
Windsor firefighters typically have to go to a crash scene but Tuesday's crash came to them when a driver lost control on a wet roadway and smashed into a fire station. The crash crumpled the car and caused minor damage to the Old Redwood Highway building. The 20-year-old driver wasn't injured.

But the impact rattled employees inside and two firefighters who'd been working nearby said it was close.

"One guy...he saw it and started to back up. I looked up, 'oh oh' and wham, it was just that fast," said Capt. Dean Crothers.

It was about 2 p.m. when driver Sebastian Thomas started making a left turn onto Hembree Lane from southbound Old Redwood Highway.

He apparently was going too fast for the rainy, wet roadway and lost traction, said Windsor police Sgt. Rob Gordon.

He lost control and the Forerunner sped onto the corner's fire station property.

The firefighters said the driver still was pressing on the gas as it cross the station driveway.

The 1993 vehicle collided with a decorative red metal pole and hit the building, between two engine bay doors.

The firefighters had been working at the front of a bay door and the crash missed them by about four feet, said Crothers.

"The headlight glass, plastic pieces came flying passed us," he said.

Crothers and fire engineer Brandon Hefele then responded to the crash.

"The first thing was to make sure he was OK," said Crothers. "We walked around and asked him if he was OK. He was belted in."

Gordon said the crash remained under investigation.

Written by The Press Democrat

Courtesy of YellowBrix - YellowBrix