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Posted September 7, 2010 EST

Fat In The Fire At Warehouse
United States (New York) - Fire ripped through the garage bays of a Mill Street warehouse that serves as a transfer facility for recycled animal products and cooking oil and grease Monday afternoon. The blaze at the Albany transfer station for Baker Commodities, which is in an industrial part of the city not far from Huck Finn's Warehouse, was reported at 12:29 p.m., Deputy Fire Chief Warren Abriel said.

The first crews on the scene at 50 Mill St. arrived five minutes later to find flames shooting through the wooden roof of the one-story building, Abriel said.

Firefighters brought the fire under control about a half hour later but not before the roof partially collapsed onto at least one tractor-trailer parked inside one of the bays.

Several other trucks parked in bays on the other side of the building were not damaged, Abriel said.

Abriel said no one was in the building at the time of the fire, and investigators were at least considering the possibility that the blaze may have smoldered for some time before flaring up.

"It's possible it may have been a truck fire to begin with," he said, "but that's under investigation."

It was not immediately clear how much, if any, grease and oil was being stored at the facility Monday. A representative of the company, which has a division headquarters in Rochester, was not immediately available for comment.

According to the company's website, the oil and grease is recycled to for use in "bio-fuels, animal feeds and other industrial purposes."

Abriel said the fact that firefighters were able to control the blaze relatively quickly led them to believe little, if any, of the grease and oil caught fire.

"All the larger containers were empty," Abriel said.

The warehouse is located directly across Mill Street from a Surpass Chemical Co. facility with a fenced lot that appeared to house containers marked with hazardous materials, such as sulfuric acid. Several rail cars marked as containing other chemicals such as sodium hydroxide solution and sodium dioxide solution were parked outside the Surpass lot along Mill Street.

It was not immediately clear whether the rail cars actually contained any chemicals, but Abriel said fire officials were never concerned that the fire posed a danger to the neighboring facility.

Written by Times Union

Courtesy of YellowBrix - YellowBrix

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