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6 Aluminum Wheel Chock

Posted December 24, 2012 EST

Nash County NC High Speed Fatal Accident On I-95
Nash County NC High Speed Fatal Accident On I-95
On 12-13-2012 at 6:08 pm Battleboro NC Fire Department, Nash County EMS and Stoney Creek Rescue were dispatched to a MVI on I-95 at the mile marker 141 with a vehicle off the roadway tangled in guide wires in the median. Battleboro Engine 9 was the first arriving unit on the scene. They found one vehicle over turned against a bridge concrete piling and was unable to access the patient due to heavy entrapment. Stoney Creek Rescue arrived on the scene with Chief Dennis Williams along with Battleboro Fire Chief Ed Hardee fire personnel pulled a 1 3/4 protection line and assisted with extrication, patient removal and providing lights. Both chiefs evaluated the accident scene Chief Williams was in charge of the rescue command and Chief Hardee was the incident commander. Once making sure that the vehicle was stable. They began to remove the driver’s door since the vehicle was upside down and the passenger side was pinned against one of the bridges concrete supports. and separated the door from the door pin and then used the Hamatro spreaders to pop the door hinges and removed the door. With the driver’s door removed, they had access to the driver compartment where they found a female that was unresponsive. Patient was extricated from the vehicle and placed on a heart monitor by Nash EMS and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. After the patient was removed, rescue members made a complete vehicle inside inspection any another possible patients but no one else was found in the vehicle The NCSHP asked if fire personnel would remain on scene to continue to for investigation and for the wrecker truck removal There was a safety officer in place during the entire incident by the fire department. The last fire unit cleared at 9:00pm. Stony Creek Rescue had one Rescue Truck and one Ambulance responding, Chief Dennis Williams – Rescue Command, Rescue Assistant Chief Bert Ricks, Safety Officer Linny Pridgen and five other members. Also on scene were the N.C. Highway Patrol, Nash County Sheriff Department, Nash County EMS and Incident Command Battleboro Fire Department Fire Chief Ed Hardee with Engine 9 and 92 with ten Firefighters.

Photos by Bob Bartosz
Written by Chiefs Williams and Hardee