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4 1
Aluminum 4 6
Light Weight Red Head Aluminum 2.5 1 3/4
One Man Hose Roller Adjustable Hydrant Wrench Single Head Spanner
1 1/2
Dog Bone Pole Pro-Lite Hook 1 1/2
1.5 1 1/2
4 1/2 150 Foot Hose Strap
Dual Channel Hose Ramp - 4 Dry Hose Rack
1 1/2 1 1/2
6 Aluminum Wheel Chock

Posted December 20, 2012 EST

Paterson Battles A Stubborn Second-Alarm Fire
Paterson Battles A Stubborn Second-Alarm Fire
Paterson firefighters battled a house fire on December 20th that did not want to go out, but after a tough fight, they were able to hold the majority of the damage to the original fire building. At about 5:00 AM, a full response was sent to 100 Lafayette Ave. Heavy fire was pushing out of the second floor of a large 2 ½ story frame dwelling on arrival. Flames were spreading to the attic and threatening the exposure 2 building. A second alarm was immediately transmitted. Members made an interior attack and searched where possible, but as the flames grew, all firefighters were withdrawn so the fire could be knocked down from the outside. An exposure line was also placed in operation.

After the heavy fire was darkened down, companies returned to an interior attack, but the stairs to the attic were compromised and the attic area could not be reached. The fire once again intensified and when flames broke through the roof, members were once again withdrawn. Ladder 3’s ladder pipe, Engine 5’s deck gun, and several handlines were able to knock the fire down for good. The fire was placed under control at about 7:30. The exposure two building sustained some exterior damage. The Red Cross was called to assist several residents.

Written and photos by Bill Tompkins

Courtesy of BTFirePhotos - User-Submitted Photo Story