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Posted July 17, 2011 EST

4 Die, 2 Injured In Canada House Fire
Canada (Manitoba) - Four people died in a house fire in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saturday, with two other people critically injured, authorities say. City firefighters arrived at what was thought to be a boarding house about 2 a.m., Postmedia News reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, said Constable Jason Michalyshen, adding there was no reason to believe the fire was in any way connected to a recent string of gang-related arsons throughout the city. The homicide and arson units were investigating the cause of the latest blaze, however.

"Anything is possible, but there's nothing to suggest that at this point in the investigation," Michalyshen said, who had no comment on the identities of the victims or if there were more than six casualties taken to the hospital.

Later in the morning, police responded to another fire about 2.5 miles away. Michalyshen said he was not aware whether or not the two fires were related.

Written by United Press International

Courtesy of YellowBrix
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