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Posted June 20, 2008 EST

Boston Firefighters Compile Questions Before Test
United States (Massachusetts) - Boston firefighters taking promotional exams have long had previews of questions provided by colleagues, state documents say. A system of memorizing test questions and compiling them afterward has been in place for years in what state officials are saying violates civil service exam rules, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

Boston firefighter John F. Nee Jr. was barred from taking a promotional test this weekend after he admitted that in an exam last November he had violated a state rule prohibiting the copying of test questions. However, Nee said he didn't think he had broken any rules.

I wrote down the questions after the exam to try to get an unofficial list, which the BFD (Boston Fire Department) has been doing for 30 years, Nee wrote in a petition filed with the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission, and supported by two Boston fire chiefs, including the department's deputy chief in charge of personnel.

But Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser denounced any type of test-sharing arrangements, the Globe said.

The department does not condone actions that violate the rules of the state Civil Service Commission's testing process, he said in a statement.

Written by United Press International

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