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About Us

Founded by firefighters, FireFightingNews.com was introduced to the World Wide Web in February of 2005 and has become the fastest growing fire and rescue news site in the world. Our news, photographs and videos can be viewed on all major search engines including Google Web Search and Google News Search as well as hundreds of individual fire departments’ web sites throughout the world. Many of the photographs seen on FireFightingNews.com are sent in by firefighters in the field as well as professional photographers, which makes much of our news exclusive to FireFightingNews.com.


We are a United States based company owned and operated by Bright Mountain Media, Inc..

How We Operate

Our computers review over 130,000 news stories daily from more than 3,000 news sources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Among the major news sources we utilize includes the Associated Press, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today and BBC News. Next, our staff selects the top stories from each country for inclusion on our web site. This process assures the most complete and accurate coverage for our readers.

Mission Statement

The key to survival in the fire rescue service are knowledge and training. With that philosophy, our objective is to report breaking news and photo stories to help reduce injury and possibly death to all firefighters worldwide.